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             公司自成立以來,始終秉承“以人為本,品質至上”的理念,引進國內外領先水平的意大利進口設備,不斷開拓,以質為本,以信聚人,生產規模和經營業績穩步上升,被授予“重合同首信用AAA企業”及許村鎮人民政府“財政貢獻企業”等榮譽,獲得“GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015 環境管理體系標準企業”、“GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 質量管理體系標準企業“,公司品牌“歐可麗”多次被評為嘉興名牌及著名商標。




             Zhejiang Okly Industrial Co., Ltd. which located in the  famous fabric town – Xucun town, Haining, formerly known as Haining Shunsheng Textile Co., Ltd., the registered capital of RMB 20 million yuan and covers an area of 37000 square meters.

             The company mainly produces dyeing fabric, yarn dyedfabric, printed fabric, Chenillel and other Jacquard fabrics, the annual production capacity of 6000000 meters, which are sold to the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and other areas.

             The company since its inception, has always been adhering to the " People-oriented, quality first " concept, introduction of Italy equipment, the leading level at home and abroad,  of continuous development, quality-oriented, poly people to the letter, the scale of production and business performance has increased steadily, has been awarded "the contract Shou Credit AAA enterprise" and Xucun town peoples government "financial contribution to the largest enterprise" and other honors, the companys brand "O.K.L",  has been rated JIAXing brand and famous trade mark.

             All along, the company always adhere to the "quality of survival, the guiding ideology to the credibility of development", continuously strengthen and perfect quality management, the implementation of brand strategy. Has introduced advanced equipment at home and abroad, to ensure product quality and perfect service. At the same time, the company increased research and development of new products, followed the pace of moderntextile technology, fully play its due role in the revitalization of Chinas textileindustry and the rise of the use of advanced technology, new material, new technology. The company will be in accordance with the " People-oriented, quality first ", the series of works to open up the market. On the existing basis, and constantly develop innovative, sincere cooperation with friends from all walks of life, create brilliance.




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